Each year this reporter enjoys an Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, the resulting wellbeing usually last the whole year however this month presented an invitation to “detox” with some girlfriends.

A detox from everyday life was just what the doctor ordered, we followed a diet of green leafy vegetable juices and vitamins five times a day, plus all the usual treats of meditation, massage and physiotherapy with a bonus of an oxygen inhaler and sunlight delivery spectacles to counter fatigue, yoga and tai chi were optional at various intervals throughout the day.

The two unusual features were the Live Blood Analysis and the Intravenous Lazer Blood Irradiation. The former is where a pinprick of your blood is placed beneath a microscope, then the image is enlarged by transference to a computer screen, a single drop of blood visually represents what is going on in the river of blood that circulates in the body; it is amazing to see the cells racing around and have the analyst point out the state of your cells and the effects of your lifestyle. Who knew that red blood cells can adopt so many different shapes that can be indicators of poor conditions, ideally the white blood cell count should be 1:700 red blood cells, all the other cells and components circulating in the plasma are examined including bacterias and horrible fat crystals, comments are made by the analyst and based on these, alternative treatments are recommended. The analyst is careful to point out that this Live Blood Microscopy Report is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment, it is a visual illustration that that can inform the individual towards a healthier lifestyle.

The second revelation was the Lazer Light Therapy invented by Soviet Scientists in the early 1980’s, now developed by the German company Weber Medical to deliver three colours of lazer light directly into the bloodstream by fibre optic IV catheter technology. Studies have shown positive improvements in liver and kidney disease, diabetes, lipid disorders, chronic pain, hypertension and fatigue and many other disorders. Cursorily explained the blue lazer light improves nitric oxide release stimulating the immune system, the red light increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production improving circulation and damaged tissue structure, the green light improves the oxygen capacity of blood cells; all the lights have immunological and mood benefits, the treatment effects are cumulative and following two treatments this reporter felt an appreciable difference.

Feeling rejuvenated by the juice diet and therapies the girlfriends experimentally attended a “Wild Woman” event, this was more like an amateur drama class, we were instructed to dance in characters, teenager, seducer, sorcerer etc., then we chose unfamiliar partners and drew Tarot cards to read to each other. The British are rather inhibited at letting their hair down unexpectedly, but we did our best and felt all the better for it.

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