Most young men aspire to have a beautiful wife, which is very immature on their part. And it mostly happens that this ‘beautiful’ wife turns out to be a ‘problem’ wife. A woman’s attraction does not last very long, and the initial infatuation vanishes into thin air. In matters of marriage, one should attach more importance to the inner beauty of the person. A woman with inner beauty can prove to be the best life partner.
The psychologist, Dr. John Ockert of Frankfort University, writes thus:
“Gorgeous women feel that beauty is the only asset they have, and cannot bear ageing. Marilyn Monroe, one of the prettiest women to emerge from Hollywood is stated to have wept bitterly when she saw the first traces of wrinkles in the mirror.”
The man who finds a woman with inner beauty is fortunate, as she will prove to be a better companion in life. The purpose of marriage is not to find a playmate, but a worthy life partner. And the best life partner is one who possesses inner beauty, not just outward beauty. This truth can be perceived by everyone, provided things are seen from a realistic point of view.