Mail hackers, online trolls, those who misuse microblogging and messaging platforms in other demeaning ways, diabolically cook up damaging “deepfakes” or “shallowfakes”, cyberspace criminals and the like have now been around for quite a while. But even though their vile activities have been exposed and are no longer “news” they continue to singe, traumatise, damage their victims and worse, eat into the precious productive time of their targets. Worse still, their actions often have a chain effect. My mail account , for instance, was hacked recently. It was my mail account, but it also contained the e-mail addresses of a long list of contacts which the hackers lost no time in using and creating a separate, hidden folder in my account to receive the replies.

Those who know me well realised immediately they were receiving hacked mails and alerted me by phone, but those who didn’t know me too well were innocently and kind heartedly ready to respond to the fake mails purportedly from me seeking help, the last of which, though quite elaborate, came to the crux : “….  I had to make a sudden trip to Istanbul Turkey due to some urgent health matters to help my sick cousin, She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and had been undergoing treatment lately. The news of her illness arrived to me as an emergency. The hospital management is demanding for a deposit before they can carry out the surgery operation to save her life and I traveled down here with little money because I never expected things to be the way it is right now.

“Can you assist me with a loan of €4,000 Euros (320,000 INR) or whatever amount you can come up with if not all, I’ll surely pay back as soon as I get back home next week. I really didn’t want to disturb you with this but I have no one else to turn to at this point. Please, let me know how much you are willing to assist us with so i can advice you on how to send it. I’ll be awaiting your kind response regarding my request and please keep this private…”  Aghast and appalled, I realised with alarm and concern that all those on my contact list had also been exposed to a devious, vile chain effect and were at risk of having their mail accounts hacked or of being duped.  Re-securing my account and sending out as many “beware” mails as possible and feasible also set me thinking at another level. The other world, the astral worlds too are located in space. Does this kind or any other kind of cyber crime, deviousness, deliberate misleading mis-communication, etc, exist in the other worlds as well or in a ghostly state?   

You’ll be surprised. Crime does exist among ghosts and so does deviousness, deliberate misleading mis-communication, etc . They can change form and voice to deceive people and in ‘ghost lore’, there are innumerable instances about which I’ve written earlier, of punishment, revenge or evil or negative thinking persisting even in a ghostly state. There was the case of Sureshdubbed a hooligan who was always insulting to his parents and others in his life time. When Suresh kicked a poor stray dog, instead of yelping helplessly, it sprang at him and bit him hard at several places. Nobody knows whether Suresh took tetanus or anti-rabies shots. The fact remains that he died a dog’s death. But that was only the beginning of  a new nightmare for Suresh’s unlucky parents. Death failed to sever Suresh’s links with the world. He arrived every night and hurled abuses at his tortured parents, and till such time as they found a priest who specialised in exorcism, their misery continued.

But do ghosts actually commit crimes, and if so, what is the nature of the crimes they commit ? Are those crimes committed against flesh and blood beings only or is there crime amongst ghosts too ? Yes, ghosts do commit crimes. When they are committed against humans, they generally take two forms. One, ghosts have been known to kill humans. Often, in such instances, the human dies out of sheer shock at seeing a “spook” materialise in a terrifying form, which it seems, was the intention of the ghost in the first place. If the person has proved to be stout of heart and knowledgeable about ghostly ways, there have been many instances where the ghost attempted to strangle the person to death. Baba, the late caretaker at the dargah of Moluddin Chisti on Malcha Marg in New Delhi, was often attacked by ‘evil’ ghosts who wanted to kill him. Once, he was ascending the few steps to the dargah and I was just a few feet behind him, when suddenly, he was flung to the ground with great force and became unconscious. Later, he told me that a ghostand he was able to identify himhad sneaked up, caught hold of his neck from behind and hurled him to the ground in an attempt to kill him. I too have luckily escaped from the designs and clutches of evil ghosts on several occasions.

In several cases, where family enmity is involved, ghosts have been known to take revenge ranging from taking a life to harassing people to ensuring ruin for a particular person or family. This second form of harassment and sometimes “possessing” a person is quite common. Ghosts have also been known to make young girls and sometimes even middle-aged men “prisoners” and force them to carry out repugnant acts. Curiously, ghosts “fight” amongst themselves too, generally for control of a haunted area or a living person.   

Significantly, all these and other instances of crime etc. exist only among ghosts who are earth bound or in the plane just above it. After all, death alone doesn’t change the qualities of your heart. In the astral planes, especially the third astral plane onwards, crime, deviousness, deliberate misleading miscommunication, etc. have no place. There, even those who have erred on earth or whose souls have not evolved because of their egos or selfishness or some other negativity are treated with compassion with the objective of healing their souls and giving them a chance to evolve. Curiously, who can travel to which astral plane is determined by the thoughts and actions of a particular living beingand that includes humans as well as other living creatureswhile on earth. The magnetism or soul force they possess or exude or its lack play a major role and one wonders what will happen to mail hackers, online trolls and others of their ilk. More on such fascinating aspects in the next column.