During one of Swami Chinmayanandaji ‘s visits to Delhi we were sitting around him and basking in his divine presence, when a ten-year old boy sitting right at his feet shot a question:

“Swami ji, no one has ‘seen’ God. How can I believe that if I live a spiritual life I will for sure experience God, or ‘see’ Him?”

Gurudev looked at him mischievously and asked, “Can you see a beard or a moustache on your face?”

“No Swamiji” was the boy’s answer.

“Yet, are you not sure and do you not believe that in time you will grow up to see it appear on your face?”

“Yes Swamiji”, said the boy.

“Similarly, the Lord is hidden in you and will manifest to you at the time of your spiritual maturity. Remember to keep calling Him!”

Gurudev continued, “ Just as in a small seed you cannot see the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flower and the fruit, but you ‘ believe’ that they are all there in a potential form. If the seed is planted in good soil, with a certain amount of sunshine and water, all the seed’s hidden possibilities can be seen to manifest in front of you. So also you have the potential to make God manifest in your experience.”

Swamiji explained that seeing is not always believing. As the sky and deep waters look blue , the sun can be seen to rise and set, the earth is seen as flat, but not true.

Gravity is true, but not seen. So also ,this great reality is the truth but not understood or seen easily. The senses being limited,can provide limited knowledge .

We all wondered at the simplistic profundity of his answer. The child not only understood but even assimilated this knowledge with ease.

Prarthna Saran, President, Chinmaya Mission New Delhi, can be contacted at prarthnasaran@gmail.com


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