Change is the only unchanging law of the universe. The wheel of change, ( kaal chakra) is represented as the Sudarshan Chakra on the unmoving hub of the Lord’s finger, as the all destroying Time. It is called su+darshan because it is only through the whirl of change that you can perceive the changeless reality. The recognition of movement is possible only from the stationary. It is that motionless centre that the wise search for.

The word ‘mrityu ‘ in Sanskrit means change. If there was no death and birth all novelty and joy would be lost from life. Yet we cling on to one spoke of the wheel of Time and then suffer its ups and downs because, rotate it shall! Interestingly, nothing in Nature complains about change except man. Even when he knows he is powerless to stop it’s mighty march, man longs for the changeless, to become Mrityunjaya (conquerer of change.) The only freedom available to man is to change his own attitudes to change.

Cultivating change as a positive value is the only answer. There is no construction without destruction. A seed dies to become a sapling, then a tree, then a flower dies to become a fruit, and the fruit dies to become a seed. From death alone emerges birth.

Attachment to impermanence is a pain ridden illusion. Why not look forward to change as a better and a more fulfilling situation, a new opportunity and a new way of life, holding a promise of progression and a flowering ?

Wealth, possessions, children, all disappear without notice. Knowing this, which immature fool would barter away his life’s happiness for bubbles that must burst? Whereas, a change of vision assures us that every fall is an occasion to rise taking support of the very ground we fell on.

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