The fog of pain can blind us to see God at work in the circumstances of our life. All experience pain in life, be it rich, poor, single or married. And to deal with painful emotions is not pleasant. Do you feel like God has ignored you and are unheard of by God? Remember, whatever we experience, Jesus identifies with our pain, for He experienced it all during His time on earth.
We need to feel the pain and grieve; this does show a lack of faith. The hardest part of grieving is to shake the walls of anxiety and fear, do so and see by faith in the living God the walls come down. In our darkest hour, Jesus still walks with us. It’s comforting to know even when we lose everything; we still have God. A God who loves us. And as James 1:12 teaches us, when we face various trials and tests of our faith, we are blessed if we persevere under pressure. Otherwise, we become numb and just go through the motions of life. You need to stay in the fellowship of God’s people with whom you can talk about the pain. If it is a loss of a loved one or some disappointment, acknowledge that loss without diminishing the experience. Be honest about your struggle. When we meet with others who share the same pain and concerns, it helps heal wounds.
As the Bible teaches, we need to go to God and forgive the person; who sins against us? Forgiveness is not about what people earn. None of us earns our forgiveness, yet God forgives us. You are not condoning the evil behaviour. Overcome any form of fear by asking God to renew your mind every day. Understand, Jesus is alive, and He is the foundation of our hope. Life has dark valleys, and we have to deal with raw emotions. Be honest with yourself and cling to Jesus despite the pain.