Can more than one ghost haunt a particular place? Are ‘territorial’ issues a bone of contention between ghosts? There are many cases on record of multiple possessions of humans, i.e. more than one spirit possessing or residing simultaneously in a particular person. What happens if more than ghost occupies a certain place? What are the consequences if they’re disturbed by the actions of humans, either intentionally or inadvertently? The answers to these questions are varied, fascinating and intriguing.

Recently, an article in Ancient Origins on the world’s most haunted castles pointed out that many times it’s said that more than one phantom inhabits a spacious castle. They are used to one another—they have haunted the walls together for hundreds of years. For example, according to locals, Stirling Castle, once the royal residence of Scottish kings and queens, “is filled with female ghosts of all hues of the rainbow. The Green Lady, however, is feared the most …”

It is obvious from account after account that even where ghosts co-exist peacefully in a particular place, their combined effects on people living in that place or visiting it are quite often far from peaceful. Romania’s 15th century Hunyadi Castle, also known as Corvin Castle, is reputed to be one of the most haunted castles in the world. “Ghostly silhouettes appear in photographs and violent ghosts are thought to wander the halls and chambers at night. When some tourists tricked the guards to remain in the castle at night, they came out the next day bruised, beaten, and terrified —they had supposedly suffered the wrath of an angry ghost.”

However, there are many instances too when ghosts sharing an earthly residence are friendly. In 2017, Alicia McDermott quoted Queen Silvia of Sweden as saying her old palatial home is haunted by friendly ghosts. The queen made the statement regarding her ghostly companions in a documentary about Stockholm’s Drottningholm Palace—a well preserved elaborate palace dating back to the 1600s which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mcdermott wrote that “Those who resided in the palace would have witnessed a multitude of events over the last few centuries…festivities, political actions, scientific discussions, and the intrigues of everyday life would have kept those living there very busy. The “unloving” that reside at the palace have added their own intrigues as well. Two of the ghosts allegedly found in the royal residence are the White Lady and the Grey Man. The White Lady specifically seems to appear to foretell a death in the palace. Legends of the Grey Man, on the other hand, appear to be almost as old as the palace itself. This phantom is said to have shown itself to all the kings who’ve lived in the palace so far, except King Carl Gustaf. Moreover, some suggest that these are not the only two spirits haunting the palace. Strange sounds such as banging or thumping noises, opening of doors, or moving of furniture in unoccupied rooms, and unexplained happenings or ‘feelings’ have been noted throughout the palace…”

Queen Silvia asserted that she has been in their presence and doesn’t fear the phantoms of the palace these days, in fact, she has unofficially invited others to experience their existence as well. According to the queen: “There’s a lot of history here. There are also little friends… the ghosts. They’re all very friendly, but you sometimes feel like you aren’t alone.” Princess Christina, King Carl XVI Gustaf’s sister, supports the queen’s opinion on the haunted palace by stating: “There are ghosts in all old houses. Definitely. There’s a lot of energy in that house and it would be strange if it didn’t express itself in the form of sounds and shapes…”

Multiple hauntings are not limited to castles or royal residences. Neither are they limited to old houses. New buildings that are built on old sites are also known to haunted by more than one spirit. And it isn’t only buildings that are haunted by more than one spirit. Forests, roads, certain areas are known to be haunted by several spirits. The Readers Digest lists Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest as one of the most haunted forests in the world. “Strange disappearances are said to have occurred here, like a shepherd believed to have disappeared with a flock of 200 sheep and a five-year-old girl who disappeared here only to emerge five years later without having aged.” Visitors often “report intense feelings of anxiety and the feeling of being constantly watched,” the forest’s website warns, and the locals tend to stay away because they fear that if they enter, they will never find their way out.

India too has innumerable cases of multiple hauntings. In New Delhi, Malcha Marg, close to two five star hotels and Sanjay Van or the Spirit Forest near the world famous Qutab Minar offer somewhat contrasting multiple hauntings. If you’re bold and possess strong nerves, venture into the forest around the Dargah of Sufi Moiluddin Chisti, a three minute walk off Malcha Marg, around or after 10 p.m. That’s when the spirit traffic begins to peak and some of the encounters can be pretty unnerving. The majority of spirits here belong to the time centuries ago when Malcha village existed and they make their dislike of humans who dare to invade the area where they roam freely known in no uncertain times.

In the Spirit Forest, the spirits belong to different periods of time, ranging from around the 10th century A.D. to the villagers of Lado Sarai who lived here till the government took over their land some decades ago and created Sanjay Van. Here too wander the spirits of those who have been murdered in this forest over the years and recently. Yet despite some sad histories, the majority of spirits here are either “neutral” or friendly and have been known to help people who lose their way in the forest. However, like spirits all over the world, they don’t take kindly to desecration of any kind, either intentional or inadvertent.

Neither do spirits who are occupying a building or an area take kindly to new spirits trespassing in their area, unless they have a past link with such a spirit. In the world of the “unloving” as well as the world of the living, following certain Codes of Conduct are a must for harmonious co-existence. For those who are uncertain of what code to follow in the case of multiple haunting in a particular area, seek guidance from locals. If the haunted area is uninhabited by living people and you’re not sure whether your presence will be ignored, welcomed, or resented by spirit entities, rely on your sixth sense.


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