Once again when the economy is in the red, it is inevitable that the buzz turns to a Cabinet reshuffle. While one is not quite sure how that would solve the problems for they run deeper than who gets to sit in North Block, but the rumour mills have been working overtime and once again, K.V. Kamath’s name is doing the rounds as the next Finance Minister, especially after a recent meeting the latter is believed to have had with the Prime Minister. There is also speculation that Railways, Agriculture & HRD could see a change of guard. But with all things to do with this particular PM, one can only speculate.

Matoshree Blues

What is happening in Maharashtra? Last week there was some speculation as to whether the state government was secure or not. One of the comments that sparked off this speculation was Rahul Gandhi’s press conference where he commented that in Maharashtra the Congress merely played the role of “supporting, not running the government”. This added grist to the rumour mill and the Congress has since then accused the media of twisting Rahul’s statement out of context. But here it must be added that it was Rahul who made it a point to come back to a prior question, even though the questions had moved on to another topic and add his views on how the Maharashtra government is being run. He also pointed out that while the Congress gives its views, it’s not necessary that the state government takes these into account. Interestingly, this is also the same view coming from the NCP camp, for it is believed that Sharad Pawar is keen that the state goes in for a gradual reopening and is looking to exit the lockdown, while Uddhav Thackeray seems to be in favour of extending the lockdown. Both the NCP and the Congress, however, are worried about the economic implications an extended shutdown would have on the country’s financial capital. All in all, it makes for some uncertain times at the CM’s residence at Matoshree.

Delhi Gymkhana Club Politics

Since this column has over the last few weeks attracted a lot of readers interested in the fate of Delhi Gymkhana Club, here is a quick update regarding the case against the club pending before the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The arguments have since been concluded and now the judgement is awaited. Will the MCA succeed in wresting complete control of the club from its current membership, or will it go the Delhi Golf Club way and appoint two administrators on the board of the club, or will it put the club on notice and give it a deadline to sort out some of the mess? Meanwhile, never one to let an opportunity slip by, a former bureaucrat, who is also a member of the club and was in fact on its governing committee, resigned from the committee as soon as he got whiff of the MCA’s summons. Currently, he is busy auditioning for the job of being appointed administrator on behalf of the MCA. Well, one’s crisis is another’s opportunity.

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