The Congress Talking Heads

Say one thing for Randeep Surjewala—he’s never at a loss for an answer and it’s usually a well researched one. For instance, if he’s commenting on Narendra Modi, he will not only quote to you comments Modi made as PM, but even various articles he’d have written as Chief Minister. In fact, ever since Surjewala took charge of the Congress party’s Media Cell, spokesmen are handed talking points for the debate of the day. This is essential because with Rahul Gandhi deploying the old timers like R.P.N. Singh and Madhu Yaskhi for organisational work, the next generation of spokesmen are being groomed such as Priyanka Chaturvedi, Brajesh Kalappa, Sanjay Jha and Jaiveer Shergill. From the older lot, Manish Tewari brings heft and institutional memory to the table, while Dr Abhishek Singhvi’s reasoned tone and omnipresent smile gets him more points than the shouting brigade he is often pitted against. A welcome addition is Pawan Khera with his ready wit and a newfound studio aggression that was thankfully missing when he handled the media as political advisor to ex Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for over a decade.

Dr. Sambit Patra.

BJP’s Response Team

The star of the BJP stable of spokespersons has to be Dr Sambit Patra who has lost weight and gained heft during the last four years of the Narendra Modi government. Again, he is one who comes well prepared, both with clippings and a snappy soundbite; and I would swear there is more than one channel that has a window named after him for the prime time slot. Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi is another TRP puller, especially when he is in the mood to quote some Sanskrit shlokas. Those who have seen Amit Malviya on Twitter will realise that what you get on TV is actually his gentler side. And a word of warning—if there is a panel which has both Amit Malviya and Priyanka Chaturvedi, then plug your ears and reach for the remote!


Political Postures

On the eve of the Karnataka polls, the buzz in the Congress was that while it may emerge as the single largest party, the Governor could well invite the BJP + JDS to form the government, as it fears an electoral understanding between Kumaraswamy and the BJP leadership. For the record, Deve Gowda has stated that he would disown his son if he went with the BJP.  But that was campaign talk. Maybe he’d find it easier to disown the statement instead.


Replies to “Cool Breeze: The Congress Talking Heads”

  1. Its sad Congress is getting what they had given to others in past. So unless Congress gets 100+ seats which seems to be next to impossible the next CM of Karnataka will be from BJP. The failure of Congress to give corruption free administration is going to cost them this state too. Although its being felt that lower level corruption in BJP administered states has not diminished and everything is same. PM can’t control all the states and politicians and he has to accept this fact and try to find a way out.

  2. Yes the Congress is doing well under qualified talking heads and presenting a befitting response to BJP on every count Priya Sehgal has done justice by elaborating current political scene in India

  3. SANJAY Jha and Brijesh Kalappa r most stupid persons. Their reasoning is normally too chamchagiri. Priyanka is dishonest. Her figures do not match like that of pup poo. Manish Tiwari is allergic to mics. He starts speaking shit on seeing a mic.

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