After Omar Abdullah grew a beard while detained under PSA, it is now Congress leader Jitin Prasada who recently was seen on social media (where else during lockdown!) sporting a beard. Clearly Abdullah has set a trend in lockdown beards, though when this was pointed out, Prasada got into the spirit of fun and retorted with a tongue in cheek tweet: aaj kal daadi waalon ki chal rahi hai (these days the bearded ones are getting a way). Well, it’s lockdown time and all distractions are welcome.

A Spirited Argument

Captain Amarinder Singh recently found himself very popular on social media as a clip of the Chief Minister went viral, arguing in favour of liquor shops being re-opened sooner than later. For, as he pointed out, these are a huge source of revenue for a state, especially since the Centre still has to give Punjab its share of GST receipts. He added that since fruits and vegetables are sold in the open (hence prone to more people touching them before they reach the ultimate buyer) where is the harm in selling liquor which comes in sealed bottles? Well he seems to have hit a chord with that one.

Getting it right

Ram Madhav, in an exclusive interview with NewsX, played it statesman like when asked about Tablighi Jamaat, saying that it would be unfair to blame an entire community for this. He also added that Covid-19 was not a stigma, but a disease for which there was no cure hence the need to be extra careful. And added that is why it’s important you don’t hide it, but come and get tested if you have the symptoms. The Prime Minister too has warned against communal politics. It is statements like this which will help us counter the crisis.

Lockdown Distraction

There is a lot of speculation as to how political strategist Prashant Kishor reched Kolkata in the middle of a lockdown. After media reports claimed that Kishor had reached Kolkata after Mamata Banerjee summoned him, sources claimed that government officials suspected he had flown in a cargo plane. However, Kishor denies this and has told the media that he did not take any flight. The hunt for his passage is still on. More of a case of ticket to hide, than a ticket to ride!

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  1. Neither Prasada’s tweet on beard is witty nor his beard funny like the great Omar’s. Who else could have made himself look like Bin Laden during and after his lockdown?

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