Support for Dr Swamy

BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy has never hidden his ambition to be India’s next Finance Minister. But while his party is yet to give him the job, he recently got support from unexpected quarters when the Congress party’s Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi tweeted that “A lot of people in my mentions talk about Subramanian Swamy as an ideal BJP candidate for Finance. In fact a lot of BJP core supporters think so too. What stops the BJP from listening to the people if they work as per where the heart of the people is?” This tweet got an interesting reply on Dr Singhvi’s timeline when someone quipped that “I always knew there was a sanghi in the singhvi!” A little later, Dr Singhvi again put out another interesting tweet where he commented that “Sources tell me about a rift in the BJP. The current finance minister doesn’t have many fans in the party so expect a lot of mud slinging against her (much like the earlier Sushma ji trolls). That Lobby believes someone else should be FM.” Wonder who he is referring to! Or is this a new social media strategy of the Congress to counter the BJP? As Alice in Wonderland would say, “curiouser and curiouser”.

The Congress Crisis

With Parliament session coming to an end, the pressure is now back on the Congress to focus on the organisation and get down to the most basic of tasks—choosing a party chief. Voices such as Shashi Tharoor, Captain Amarinder Singh, Dr Karan Singh etc., have been speaking with various solutions. Of late, while speaking to NewsX, Manish Tewari too hoped that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) would meet soon and put a leadership roadmap in place. Tewari is right, for as the party’s highest decision making body it is the CWC that should be taking this crucial decision. But the problem is that the CWC is filled with nominated members who owe their sense of importance to the Gandhi family. Hence, until the Gandhis give the go ahead, the CWC cannot meet to decide on the succession plan.



Replies to “Cool Breeze: Support for Dr Swamy”

  1. The problem with Swamy is his ‘unpredictability’. He may be excellent for the job. But no one can say with certainty that he will not suddenly do something sensational at cross purposes with the incumbent government’s policy. In fact, one may safely bet that, ‘that’ is what he will do.

  2. This is the time to give chance to Mr. Subramaniam swami. He is a disrupptor and shall succed in turning our economy into a fast growth path. He should be given a chance. The combination of Mr. Modi and Swami would be dynamic.

  3. Finance Ministers of NaMo including the present incumbent NS are neither Finance experts nor Economists warranting an important ministry like Finance to be headed by someone who has wealth of Experience. With a stupid obstinate rule of 75 years cap, BJP has been losing a great opportunity to become economic power. At least the previous FM had been smart and articulated despite not being expert in Finance, the present lady FM is just a glib talker having no knowledge of basics of Finance & economy. Academics is different running a vast country like India is different. It’s high time a great economist and Hindu vadi Dr SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY be given a chance and see like how people have given a chance to Jagan, our very own NaMo!

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