The Bible abounds with stories of courage. Young David, armed with a sling, courageously faced and killed the giant, Goliath, singlehandedly. The well clad army had been fearful of Goliath’s loud and repeated threats.

The basis of our courage is the promise of God’s presence, power, and perseverance with those who put their trust and confidence in Him.

Jesus has promised to travel with us in our life’s journey, and give us eternal life as His brothers and sisters. He also assures us that we will be seated with Him at His table in the kingdom of God (Luke 22:29-30).

The absence of courage to do good occurs when we rely on human abilities and motives, such as the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride. At times we find our mind restless within us, jumping from one negative thought to another, and overwhelmed with worry.

The possibility of acting in faith seems low. In such a situation, the Word of God ministered to us by the Spirit of God acts as a balm to our weary soul.

God comes alongside us and helps us fight and overcome the ever-present anxiety that clings as a result of our fearful and lustful thinking.

Among those who had courage to accomplish great things for God was Daniel.

He was firm in his life of faith and stood on his conviction to pray to God alone, despite knowing that he may be thrown into a den of lions as punishment.

He was grateful to God for all the ways God had blessed him and protected his life thus far. Gratitude made him extraordinarily confident; there was no room for fear.