Official figures suggest that the death toll from the SARS2 pandemic that began in parts of China in the final months of 2019 is four million and the infection may have afflicted hundreds of millions across the world. Even these figures are likely to be gross underestimates of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic. The PRC has officially suggested that the “bat woman”, Dr Shi Zhengli, who works in the Wuhan Institute of Virology should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee can look forward to several individuals from across the world suggesting that this year’s prize should be given to the lady who collaborated with US doctors such as Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric in developing the harmless RaTG13 bat virus into the deadly SARS2 virus. This was done through inserting the nucleotide code for PRRA amino acids of the Furin cleavage site. As a consequence, the new disease is able to penetrate with ease into human cells, especially ACE2 that are prolific in the lungs. In her search for a non-kinetic bioweapon that could inflict human casualties on a scale proportional to a nuclear attack, the peace-minded Dr Shi added spike protein so as to fix on to human cells in an efficient manner. This was done through genome modifications made by her. The entire process was apparently known to several US collaborators and funders of research that Dr Shi mainly shared with the PLA and with the PLA only. The generous US nationals and those of other nationalities who had helped set up and operate the WIV got the crumbs from the research, which they seem to be satisfied by. Being innocent of any guilt, according to themselves, the Chinese side deleted the entire online database of the Institute. A very courageous gesture, as access to this database would have helped to show that Dr Shi was actually working on medication to treat the common cold rather than a bio-weapon let loose upon the world through thousands of flights over three months to and from Wuhan!
SARS1 had a natural origin, migrating from bats to civet cats before attacking humans. SARS2 has no such intermediary between bat and human except the Wuhan Institute of Virology. What is surprising is that the Gain of Function research designed to make the novel coronavirus transmissible to human beings was funded by official US agencies. They were presumably under the impression that the entire findings of Dr Shi and the many teams working under her would be communicated to the US, which has long been acknowledged by the CCP to be an adversary of the PRC. It was clear, or ought to have been, that the research into making viruses deadlier and more transmissible to human beings was designed to create bioweapons rather than for any innocent purpose. And that the US actually funded the development of weapons that would have been welcomed by the PLA once they were readied by bat woman Shi. It does not speak well for the ability of the Biden administration to fully protect the US from foreign enemies that those who funded and otherwise assisted the Chinese scientists to develop bioweapons remain in the prominent positions that they occupied during the tenure of President Trump.
It is no secret that both US and India are in the crosshairs of the wolf warriors of the Chinese Communist Party. What is surprising is that outlets such as CNN, BBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post cling obstinately to the fable that the Alpha and Delta variants are natural evolutions of the SARS2 virus. The fact is that two variants differing from each other (Alpha and Delta) evolved in about 15 months, whereas such a change ought to have taken years, if it were from nature. The Delta variant has gone through two changes of the spike protein, which is why it is so deadly to human life. Such variations cannot occur except through a laboratory. It was a gift for the PRC that international media began talking about the “UK variant” and the “India variant”, forgetting entirely the fact that the pandemic originated in China. Even after the WHO (after a delay) fixed Alpha and Delta to the two variants. Despite this, in most conversations the term used is the “India variant”, whereas the truth is that the country was the first victim rather than the origin of this deadly variant that hits the lungs especially hard thanks to the boost given to the spike protein by scientists working in bioweapon laboratories in the same country where SARS originated. Not surprisingly, partly in view of the ease with which bioweapons can be spread through trained handlers, the Delta variant has spread across the globe. Those responsible for its development must be delighted at the way in which this is spooking individuals across the oceans, in the process lessening the attention given by the general public to the beginnings of the pandemic and shifting talk away to the most populous democracy in the world, and which is central to the bid by democracies to retain primacy in the Indo-Pacific. Finally, truth will prevail, and the guilty of the pandemic will be exposed in a manner that even apologists of the skill and persistence of Dr Anthony Fauci will fail to reverse. The democracies of the world are on test as never before since the 1939-45 war, and they must not be allowed to fail at the hands of the alliance of extremism and authoritarianism that has become a fact of life in the 21st century.