Vincent Singh’s life motto was “for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21). To know Jesus and to make Him know was the essence of his life.

On 13 March 1970, the morning newspaper carried the following report: “Young man crushed to death.” The police had to rescue the driver of a private-owned bus from an angry crowd after a young man on a scooter was crushed to death under the wheels of the bus.”

Vincent Singh, 22, a student at the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering in Delhi, met an untimely death. Death came unannounced. Vincent’s parents and siblings were in shock as the truth sank in that Vincent was no more. Their world reeled crazily as they tried to make sense of such a needless accident!

The Principal of the Institute declared the college closed for three days on account of Vincent’s death. His friends sought solace by visiting Vincent’s home and comforting his parents and siblings. They shared how Vincent had impacted their life. He had at various points of time been there for them. Vincent had often intervened between students when they clashed or disputed in order to bring them together again.

The college principal and staff instituted a rolling trophy in Vincent’s memory for ‘The Best Gentleman Student of the Year.’ The trophy was given posthumously to Vincent in the year of its inception.

Vincent’s life and death impacted many as he lived his life with a purpose. He practiced his faith in the nitty gritty of his college life. He knew that he was a child of God. He desired that his friends and family would have the same assurance.

For Vincent death was a gain. A doorway into the presence of his Heavenly Father. Vincent was prepared to face death and stand before God because he had received the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord. The gift is yours as well for the asking!

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