Did anyone believe that competence was needed for success? Those with such a delusion must have shed it when hearing of the news last year that on 24 May, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was unanimously elected to a second 5-year term as head of an organisation that was once of inestimable value to the world. Once is the operative word. In 2020, the WHO served as a parrot mimicking whatever was being said by CCP sources about the Covid-19 virus. In a pattern that has been repeated now by the shift just weeks ago by the PRC from hundred percent control and monitoring of Chinese citizens in the matter of the laboratory-boosted novel coronavirus, the WHO has done exactly what it did in the early stages of the pandemic in 2020. This is to decry efforts by an increasing number of countries to protect their citizens from the Covid-19 virus that is claiming victims on a frightening scale. Dr Tedros apparently believes that a mutation of the virus that has caused so much havoc in China would become harmless to humans once it crosses the borders of the country where the virus originated. This is exactly what the WHO said in early 2020, when it declared that travel into and out of China was perfectly safe. As a consequence of such misleading advice, the virus went border hopping by air, in the process initially affecting well-heeled individuals most of all. Another bit of advice was that complete lockdowns were needed to “break the chain of infection”. Such a method seemed to have originated in an Artificial Intelligence machine that could not take into account the impossibility of human beings isolating themselves fully from all other human beings, but was in fact the brainchild of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, who enforced a total lockdown in Wuhan and subsequently in more and more parts of the PRC. The guidance having come from that source, in a short time, the WHO exhorted countries to completely “lock down”. In other words, to completely lock up their citizens. Had each country followed Mahatma Gandhi’s exhortation for each small unit of human settlement to be self-sufficient. Each was to survive on what was produced inside that tiny unit, and those within it were asked to be satisfied with whatever was thus produced, and not demand more. Dr Tedros acted as though the world had followed Mahatma Gandhi’s advice rather than opted for economic systems that relied on a multiplicity of contacts and sources for securing the goods and services utilised by them.
A total lockdown did not “break the chain” of infection, given the transmissibility of the Covid-19 virus between humans, but it created havoc in economies and in hundreds of millions of livelihoods unmatched except in periods of wartime. Which was why Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to follow advice calling for the imposition of a total lockdown in 2021, even though the incidence of the virus was deadlier than had been the case in 2020. Given that evidence suggests that Covid-19 is rampant in the PRC, more and more manufacturing units will need to shift to countries where the population has greater resistance to the virus. The near normalcy in India comes from the fact that herd immunity was developed in the country since the middle of 2021, unlike in China, where Zero Covid is inexistent but Zero Immunity to the virus seems to be a fact in much of the population. The harsh lockdowns imposed by the CCP leadership on the people of China caused citizens to shed natural immunity to the disease. Despite this, CCP General Secretary Xi has gone from total isolation for the people to a complete opening up, that too in a matter of roughly 56 hours. Just as in 2020, large numbers of infected citizens of the PRC are being encouraged by the CCP to travel abroad, so that the whole world would be exposed to a fresh wave of the pandemic. In the Chinese New Year, many citizens are likely to travel abroad rather than visit family in other parts of the country. And in the meantime, the WHO under Dr Tedros is warning against any restrictions on the entry of travellers from China, exactly as it did in the early stages of the pandemic in 2020. This time around, few are listening, so damaged has the credibility of the WHO become as a consequence of its missteps concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.