The most intricate computer is after all a creation of the human brain. What a super computer the human brain must be.! How we love to worry! Thoughts of future calamities and images of projected mishaps come dancing in with an invitation to dance along, and you conveniently log in! Why don’t we understand that their dance is a short lived performance? Let’s not participate. Let’s watch from the balcony of the self their time bound antics with amusement. Thoughts cannot last, nor can the sad or happy climate created by them. The Geeta lovingly advises you to bear up with these as they are temporary and unreal. They are at best a play of your mind, so watch their shenanigans with amusement and detachment, as you would a movie. Their act of permanent residency will soon end. Then they have to quit the stage, as the next set of actors, happy thoughts, are waiting in the wings to perform!
The trick lies in becoming a detached spectator. Thoughts belong to you . They are not you! Do you ever believe that your car or your jacket is you? The knowledge that your thoughts are not you generates discretion , and that results in the wisdom of detachment. Never be cheated by the ghoulish performances of thoughts. How many times before have they barged in , pulling you by force to dance to their beats of worry and depression,and after giving you tears and sleepless nights, have themselves disappeared ! If you believe in them , they will drain all your energy and leave you desolate.
Distance yourself. Watch these phantoms of despair as you watch actors on stage, and clap when the curtain falls. Don’t fall for their invitation to get onto the stage and participate in their death dance, for die they must, each one of them.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi. Email: