The world is a gift from God and we are recipients. A gift is not the object given, as such. For example, a golden ring on the shelf of a store is not a gift. It becomes a gift when the lover gives it to the beloved. The ring gave pleasure while on the shelf, but only partially. The true pleasure is found in the relationship the thing signifies. We indeed enjoy things the most when we experience them as carriers of the presence of another.

The world and all its relations are a gift from God to us. Our very life is a gift from God which gives us meaning and pleasure in relationship with God who is love. Each thing in the world is now a relationship marked by love.

However, have our sensitivities become so numb that to snuff out the breath of life from another human being created in the image and likeness of God ( Gen.1:27) seems to give us pleasure? Does the plight of the poor Dalit women in our land just remain a picture in our newsfeed or does it shake our sleepy soul from deep slumber?

Here’s a case of a poor Dalit woman who gave birth to four girls and faced the wrath of her husband and his family. Painfully, she said, “I have stopped the breath of my two new born daughters by placing a wet towel over their face.” She went on to question God saying, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers and give me a son?” The lady deserves compassion and not condemnation. The culture that promotes sons over daughters robs the human soul of the pleasure of living.

We are created in God’s image therefore, murder is an assault on God whether in the womb, or to snuff the breath by any other means. Life is a gift, preserve it, and enjoy the meaningful pleasure of a relationship with the giver of the gift; God who is love.