The biography of Krishna is full of tears, yet Krishna was always joyous and bubbling with enthusiasm. Adversities unlimited, yet he refused to be cowed down, never did he ever complain.
Born in jail, to parents jailed because he was to be born! Separated from his parents at birth and carried away to foster parents. Poisoned milk and killer demons were the baby’s earliest experiences. Persecuted by his tyrant uncle Kansa he was taken away in his early adolescence to fight mighty wrestlers , trained to kill!.
He created the kingdom of Dwaraka, only to gift it away to his relatives. He loved his Vrindavan and gopies dearly, yet had to leave, never to return.Krishna was always there to help those who surrendered and called out to him in distress. He didn’t mind being labelled as (Rann Chhod) , a deserter from the battlefield, if that could save the lives of so many.
Always living in the midst of sorrow,he performed his duties ever smilingly. He demonstrated how to live with joy no matter how brutal the situations around.
Krishna had 16008 wives! Wow! Wasn’t 16008 times harder his life? Yet no wife ever complained ! These women were enslaved by a demon whom Krishna killed, and freed these women. Krishna gave them respectability,status and upkeep , which they agreed to accept only from the man who would marry them. Human thought possibilities ( vritties) fall under 16008 kinds. Thoughts can survive only if energised and coupled with consciousness ( Krishna). They have no life of their own. Only when thoughts are freed from the suffocating prison of the ego can they seek the shelter of Krishna!
Imitate Krishna’s life? Sure, but imitate completely and begin by his first act, drinking poisoned milk with a smile!!
Prarthna Saran, President Delhi Chinmaya Mission. Email: Prarthnasaran@