Objective thought (Idam Vritti) is the food that fattens subjective thought (Aham vritti). The more importance we give to objective experiences, the stronger becomes the ego that connects to the objects. The moment you put value on anything, your equipoise is gone.

Meditation is achieved when you don’t see your body in the world, but you see yourself  as all, and the body in that all. You are not “inside” the body. Merge with the “true you” the all pervasive. Drop the body, it is only your tool. Unhook from all in meditation, declutch your mind to a neutral gear, then the mind vehicle, can take you nowhere. When the fingers holding the rudrakshamala drop it, they are suddenly free, identifying with the body is like trying to fit into a smaller size shoe! It will pinch you to madness. When we try to fit our all pervasive Self (Brahmakaar Vritti) into a mini size leather show (our body) just think how badly it can hurt!

If you value your peace and equipoise devalue and mentally drop all else. Don’t be bound by “brick and stones” nor by “flesh and bones”. Trash these for greater gains like Yagnyavalkya, who bequeathed all his wealth to his two wives for a much greater gain, the gain of permanent peace and happiness.

All experience and all desire is only possible when “otherness” is considered as real.  When the variables are more than one, there is a relationship, an experience. The external world enslaves the thought world. The thought world dances a death dance of changing experiences every day.

Don’t meditate at an experiential level. Look for the true experiencer that makes the experience possible.  The jeeva (experiencer) is a new entity born daily, as you wake up. Search for the experiencer of deep sleep.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com

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