SARS2 has emerged as the most destructive pandemic since the influenza epidemic that took place over a century ago, further devastating a world already shattered by the effects of what is termed as World War I. As bats are not subject to the accountability that human beings are, as long as the “bat theory” (otherwise known as the wet market theory) of the origins of SARS2 prevailed over any alternative hypotheses. This enabled the escape from investigation, much less obloquy, of those who had been active in Gain of Function research into enhancing the destructive potential of the bat virus (RaTG-13) and who finally managed to engineer a pathogen harmless to human beings into SARS2. As no virologist working in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) did any part-time work in the nearby “wet market” selling live animals for purposes of cooking into lunch and dinner, it was assumed by all barring a few such as President Donald J. Trump that the WIV was innocent of what is the biggest crime against humanity in modern times. While bats were a delicacy and indeed, commandeered high prices in markets where they were available, it was impossible for RaTG-13 to get transmitted to human beings, even if the bat that was bought by a hungry customer was suffering from the disease. It was at the WIV that RaTG-13 was modified in such as a manner as to result in SARS2. Much has been scrubbed from social media archives in China since the final days of 2019, including search details on Baidu by those eager to find out more about a deadly form of pneumonia that was spreading since September 2019, the period when searches for the disease began to spike at an unprecedented rate within the PRC. Neither this nor hundreds of thousands of other posts have been removed from the web. Authorities in China say that the country is innocent of the crime of letting loose the pandemic upon the world. Had that been true, the evidence that was wiped out by those manning the Great Firewall of China would have exonerated them. It is unusual for an innocent party to deliberately eliminate as much of the evidence exonerating it as was accessible to censors of online copy. Yet this is what took place in China, according not just to authorities in China, but to all those who had been funding and working together with Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Institute of Virology on bat viruses that plainly mutated into SARS2. They were emphatic that the pandemic was created in WIV was a completely ridiculous hypothesis, especially now that the theory had been accepted by President Trump.
The 45th President of the US was wrong several times but got a few things right, the hypothesis of the lab being the cause of the pandemic was among them. Facts that are indisputable and are not within the purview of PRC censorship have borne this out since the early months of 2020, only few bothered to look through any theory that pointed to SARS2 being created artificially rather than through nature. Once again, Mother Nature was defamed, including by that favourite of the Big Pharma lobby, China and President Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci. If Fauci were as incompetent or was an accomplice to what can only be described as mass murder, surely President Trump would have fired him rather than simply fulminating about him. Trump did not speak of the influence of Big Pharma over Trump, no secret in India, given the relentless manner in which Trade Representative Peter Navarro sought to neuter the generic industry in India. As for Joe Biden, he seems to be smitten by Anthony Fauci, for his spokesperson has made clear that there are no circumstances in which the President of the US will dismiss an individual who is clearly an accomplice (deliberately or through lack of common sense and expertise) in the cover-up orchestrated in order to protect the scientists working on deadly weapons grade research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. If the perennial favourite Anthony Fauci has anything to do with the 90-day investigation by US intelligence agencies into the origins of SARS2, it will come out with as wishy washy a whitewash as the WHO has done. Possibly on Fauci’s advice, Biden has in effect proclaimed a new motto for the US, “In WHO we trust”. Voters are likely to disagree, and strongly. Even an attempt at whitewash in the manner orchestrated by Dr Fauci in the past takes place, Biden will have smudged his legacy beyond repair. The SARS2 pandemic is the Crime Against Humanity of the century, and needs not another PR job but the uncovering of the truth that is obvious except to those pretending to be asleep, for reasons that the FBI and agencies in other countries which have scientists who have collaborated with the “Bat Woman” need to determine. World leaders from the democratic world, find the guilty and punish them, or else do not pretend you are interested in human rights and justice.