When his grandmother points out towards the moon, a child can have different reactions. If the grandmother is holding a candy in the palm of her hand, the child may focus on the candy. Or, the child might focus on the pointing finger. However, the grandmother’s intention is to take the child beyond the candy, and beyond her pointing finger, and immerse the child in the glorious light of the moon.

When the devotee is blessed with good fortune, he finds the road that leads to the Teacher’s door. My Teacher always said that you are truly born only on the day that you find the Teacher’s abode. With the devotee’s best interest at heart, the Teacher leads him on the path. First, it is the candy. It may be the healing of disease, or the removal of material poverty, and usually both. The devotee then starts to find His presence around the Teacher. Finally, the devotee understands that the Teacher is pointing to His glory, and this realization frees the devotee forever.

In the town square, stood a statue, and its pointing hand had the inscription, “the treasure lies here.” For centuries, people tapped the pointing hand, and it had become pitted with constant touching, but nobody found the treasure. One day, a visitor looked carefully at the pointing finger, and saw its shadow rest on the nearby wall. He soon found a secret door at the point of the shadow, and found the treasure that had been searched for many centuries.

Our body in fine health, and the material wealth that we are blessed with are enablers. The Teacher guides us not to be obsessed with these enablers, but leads us to find the real treasure.

Guru Granth Sahib guides us:

The merchandise which you have come to seek,

the Lord’s Name is found in the Saints’ home.

Renounce your ego and pride, and with your thought,

Find the Lord’s Name within your heart.

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