Former Peer of the Realm, ex-Lord Nazir Ahmed shows the lack of due diligence exercised by political parties when they elevate individuals to a lifetime tenure in the House of Lords. Given his loquacious nature and the company that he kept on forays to exotic locations bristling with armed men intent on violence and terror, it was impossible to believe that he was a politician committed to the ballot and not the bullet. He lived in some style in Rotherham, a place known for the grooming of young British-born girls for sexual purposes by men who regarded Pakistan as their home and the UK as just a dreary country that they are forced to reside in so as to make money. The lady who was instrumental in exposing the former peer’s misdeeds needs to be commended for her courage, for the individual she took on was and remains a powerful figure in the UK. More importantly, he is close to networks that don’t hesitate to carry out subterfuge and violence. Despite being aware of all this, the lady came forward with the truth and has served as an example to others similarly mistreated and exploited. The former Lord alleged that it was his religion that was the reason for the exposures about his sexual doings, which is an insult to the great faith that he claims to belong to. It is a common practice among perpetrators of evil to claim ethnic or religious bias in those who seek to hold them accountable for their actions, and Nazir Ahmed is no exception to such a tendency. It flies in the face of common sense that a man, who was given every honour and other benefits as a citizen of the UK, should claim that he has long been a victim of a conspiracy to defame and destroy him because of ethnic or religious reasons. The Muslim community in the UK is similar to the Muslim community in India, which has in its ranks such benefactors of humanity as pharmaceutical manufacturer Yusuf Hamied, who has, through low-cost medications, saved millions of lives across the world and should be given a Bharat Ratna for such accomplishments. Among the community in the UK is Sajjad Javid, who is expected to take up a top job in the government headed by Boris Johnson. Those British citizens with genealogical roots to Pakistan need to intensify efforts to ensure that GHQ Rawalpindi lets go the chokehold it has on that country, control that is draining the future away from the young in Pakistan through the Zia-ul-Haq teachings that stress the use of terror organisations and illiberal and illicit means against democracies, principally India. In the UK as well, the network has been responsible for radicalisation of unsuspecting youths, such that many have taken to planning or carrying out acts of terror. The same deeds that ex-Lord Ahmed celebrates if they occur in India, a country he hates for its democracy and its multi-religious nature. Those wedded to the Two Nation theory cannot be friends of democracy, for they serve only to undermine democracies. Nazir Ahmed is now disgraced and he has been shed by his handlers in the manner a lizard detaches its tail when faced with danger. The fact is that the disgraced politician is only a small part of a well-funded and deadly network that has its tentacles in several corners of the UK, besides India and the US. The effort is not just to create internal mayhem and fuel flames of hate within each country but to make sure that these three democracies never come together in an alliance against the evil of intolerance and terrorism. Rather than spend energy on the fallen recruit of GHQ Rawalpindi, what is needed is for the British government to probe the extent of the reach of the lobby that ex-Lord Ahmed has been a vocal part of. The hawala network as well as the narcotics business are also linked to the shadowy figures who mastermind activities designed to weaken democracies. In India and the US as well, extra effort needs to be made to ensure that the terror network that has been protected and nourished by powerful interests for so long gets identified and disbanded. The fallen politician is only a small part of the network, and can and will quickly get replaced by another. As this is written, another recruit of GHQ Rawalpindi will be in the process of being identified, so that he may be placed into high positions where he can both report on activities with an insider perspective as well as assist in sabotage of good relations among communities within the UK and between the UK and India. The division of India was the brainchild of those in Britain who could not reconcile to the subcontinent being free of the clutches of Empire. Just as the Taliban that was nourished by President Bill Clinton came back to damage US security including through 9/11, reliance on a Pakistan controlled by the military has harmed and will continue to harm British interests. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is no friend of terror networks and is known for his freedom from ethnic prejudice. The Home Secretary needs to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the trail left behind by the departing former member of the House of Lords and effect a house-cleaning. This would serve as an example for other democracies under threat to follow. Ignoring such networks is no longer an option.