Amit leads a life of love, joy and peace as he lives in obedience to Jesus Christ. His friends know he is a follower of Lord Jesus  not so much by what he speaks about Him but by observing the way he lives. Amit displays a life of compassionate service. The masses observed Jesus’ life as one of love, light and compassionate service. Jesus revealed God by His words and works.

A depressing experience in the life of a Christian is to be under the power of sin. It shames the name of the Lord Jesus. Amit knows as a follower of Christ he represents Christ. When we start living in sin we bring dishonour to Jesus’ name. It robs us of our joy and power. As long as we yield to sin, God will not use us.  Our Christian testimony is destroyed. By our life style we are either saying that, “Following Christ works,” or we are saying, “Following Christ doesn’t work.”

‘Following Christ works’ does not mean leading a sinless, perfect life rather even if we were to fall in thought, word or deed, we will repent and turn back to Christ. The followers of Christ never consider themselves victims rather victors, leading a life of faith working itself out in love. This should be a normal Christian experience.

Just as eternal life is a gift, so the victorious life is also a gift. It cannot be earned; it is a gift of God. Live in intimacy with God every day and moment of life,  communing with the heavenly Father through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Life lived in fellowship with God’s people leads to living an accountable life.

Amit has experienced that God’s grace is sufficient in every situation. He knows that even though he walks through the darkest valley, he will fear no evil, for God is with  him, God’s  rod and staff, they comfort him. Following Christ indeed works!

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