What is never reported in US media is that in 2019 the CCP walked away from a trade deal and declared a ‘People’s War’ on the US.

June 4, 2022 marked the 33rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. For decades, the Asia Society of New York hosted an annual Tiananmen seminar, I would dutifully purchase a ticket to hear panelists boast of bicycling around Beijing as the students were slaughtered. During Q&A, I would ask why they still supported “engagement” with the CCP and get the familiar cant about “preserving national interests”. This year the Asia Society cancelled the event and made no mention of the massacre on their website, more sorry proof that “engagement” has deteriorated into craven appeasement of the CCP’s genocidal dictatorship, entangling the US in a China policy that is morally repugnant and politically dangerous.
The US Congress imposed trade sanctions on the CCP after Tiananmen, but in 1994 President Bill Clinton, with a stroke of his executive pen, delinked trade and human rights with China. Millions of US jobs were shipped to the PRC and billions in FDI poured into the hands of CCP henchmen who continued to brutalize millions of their subjects without impediment or penalty. But the China Price has a cost, and the logic of relocating vital supply chains to a Communist dictatorship half a world away is colliding with reality, as supply chains collapse and the CCP advances its long-stated goal to “destroy America from within.”
Since Biden took office in 2019, his team of pro-CCP ideologues have choked the US with soaring crime, inflation, food shortages, divisive identity politics, and an invasion at the southern border, a shocking capitulation to cartels and drug traffickers; Chinese Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death in the US. Biden armed Afghanistan’s Taliban government with billions in US weaponry, sent $40 billion to the Ukraine to stoke the conflict, stripped sanctions on Communist China, and refuses to hold the CCP accountable for unleashing hell with its global pandemic. 80% of the US public does not support Biden’s “Soft on China” policies, but the Biden family has made millions from the CCP—this is well documented in innumerable best-sellers, notably Peter Schweizer’s “Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”—so Biden’s Department of Justice, which labels parents who object to Marxist indoctrination in public schools “domestic terrorists”, deems its critics a greater threat than the CCP.
What is never reported in US media is that in 2019 the CCP walked away from a trade deal and declared a “People’s War” on the US. In 1995, the CCP-funded Nepali Maoists declared a “People’s War” on the Kingdom of Nepal. I was working in Kathmandu for Radio Free Asia’s Tibet service and witnessed the overthrow of the Shah-Rana dynasty and Nepal’s collapse into a failed state. Kathmandu, once the loveliest of cities, is now a fetid cesspool of crime, drugs, poverty and prostitution, with posters of Mao, Marx, Lenin, Stalin everywhere you turn. Now we see the same CCP playbook at work in the US; buy the elites, control the media, disrupt food and energy supplies, ignite civil war.
The normalization of the CCP by western elites has been a great success; no one would think of walking into a party in New York, Paris or London wearing a tee shirt of Hitler, but it is chic to display the grim visage of Mao Zedong, history’s greatest mass murderer. The US “pundit” class never tires of proclaiming China the 21st century hegemon. But which China? The China of the Tiananmen students? Or the China of Xi Jinping, whose massive concentration camps would make a Nazi proud?
In 2013, President Obama exempted Chinese firms from audits by the NY Stock Exchange. China’s multiple genocides are shrugged off by the UN and are barely noted by vaunted human rights organisations. The New York Times has, for years, printed Xinhua propaganda as fact, and never reports on the vicious power struggle raging within the CCP; Jiang Zemin’s “Black Hands” vs Xi Jinping’s “White Hands”, a savage cabal that rules 1.3 billion people with an iron fist. Dr Fauci for years funneled millions of US taxpayer funds into the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In 2017, Bill Gates was inducted into the PLA Academy of Engineering. In 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook was named chairman of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management. And Larry Fink of Blackrock, the world’s largest money management firm with $10 trillion in assets, is hard at work investing US pension funds into Chinese military companies.
America spent billions to vanquish communism in the USSR, while investing billions to build the People’s Republic of China into the monstrous power it is today. How will the western powers respond when the PLA strikes India, Taiwan, Japan, or the West? What cards will they have to play, when they willingly handed the CCP our factories and computer codes in their quest for profit?
In 2009, at a Tibet conference in Dharamshala, I met Chin Jin, a Tiananmen student who escaped to Australia, who told me; “I was a teenager in Shanghai in 1972, when Nixon came to China. An elderly friend of my father’s started to cry, saying ‘now the US has come to the rescue of the Communist Party, and the Chinese people will suffer for many years to come.’ He was right.”
Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Tim Cook and their cohorts in the Biden gang should move to Chinese Occupied Tibet and try to persuade us that life under the CCP’s jackboot is indeed superior to what they call our “messy democracy.” I suspect they wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

Maura Moynihan is a New York based journalist and author, specialising in the Chinese Communist occupation of Tibet. Her website is: mauramoynihan.net