The glory of Hinduism is that it is “never divorced” from everyday life but amalgamated into its very fibre. Yet, generations of enslaved hindus have only half understood or misunderstood the diviner possibilities that Hinduism points out to.

The Gita again and again declares: “With a mind centred in me fight on”. Understood simply as it stands, the educated man accuses the “Hindu God” to be a “war monger” advocating bloodshed and violence.

The entire Gita has to be understood with reference to chapter I, Arjun, a celebrated warrior prince has assembled on the battle field to win a war, a Kingdom, wealth, throne and status. He loses nerve and wants to desert the field in sheer panic. Lord Krishna is addressing this student to have an equipoised mind in doing his duty with grit and skill. Remembering the Lord, to give him poise and courage he is advised to fight to win.

The Gita,  is a very practical text-book of intelligent day to day living. It urges everyone to fight the  onslaughts of life and live courageously yet calmly facing the “turmoils of existence”.

So the word “fight” directly implies to Arjun on the battle field, but also to all mankind as an indirect instruction to fight the battle of their own lives.  Often we identify so strongly with our situations in life that we  are reduced to psychologically shattered personalities, mentally paralysed to face confidently any challenge ever.

Krishna advises man to live a life of battle righteously for righteous profits, calling it “dharma yuddha”. Thereby not only the standard of living could be raised but also the standard of life could be divinised.

Prarthna Saran, President, Chinmaya Mission, Delhi.


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