Spirituality places much emphasis on being content in His will, and not always attempting to change the flow of events. My teacher would ask that we should note the word “flow”, because to flow with is to be in congruence. If one is not in flow, then the journey is not smooth, and bumps will arise.

My father frequently advised me to be thankful to God for not granting all the wishes and demands I placed on Him. He remembered a childhood friend who used to constantly want a horse. One day, he was gifted one. He fell on the first ride itself, and developed a life long limp. How his friend wished that his wish for a horse had never been fulfilled!

Devotees therefore place their faith in the teacher, as one who knows what is in their best interest.

The journeys of Guru Nanak Dev were performed with two companions, Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana. While Bala was granted the blessing of contentment, Mardana was quite restless. After a long journey, he became home sick, and wanted to leave immediately. The Guru advised him against it, mentioning the difficulties in traveling alone through jungles and unknown terrain, and especially if the direction is not certain too. But Mardana would have none of it, and only wanted his wish fulfilled.

On the way, he is captured by a tribe who practice cannibalism. Fervent were his prayers, as he beseeched the Guru to come to his aid. When he is saved by Guru Nanak reaching the tribe’s village just in time, he apologizes for not heeding the Guru’s warnings.

Guru Nanak tells him that the teacher is always more concerned for his disciple than the disciple himself could ever be, for the Guru’s only objective is the advancement of the devotee. He knows what is best:

You do good, we do not recognize it,

For we know not what is good for us;

You are forever full of forgiveness.

You look after us all.

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