Everyone has adopted what may be called the adjustment culture – the businessman with his customers, every working man or woman with his or her boss. I think this is good, although the goal of this adjustment is only the money to be earned. But this adjustment culture is essential also between husband and wife. By adopting this adjustment culture in married life you can earn something that is far more important than money.
It is my personal experience that when you converse with your partner, it is bound to give rise to new ideas. In this sense the process of intellectual partnership leads to intellectual development. And, intellectual development is the greatest goal for every man and woman.
Man is an explanation-seeking animal. So when you talk about adjustment in married life, both the partners could ask, “Why adjustment?” So you have to give a good explanation, otherwise any talk of adjustment will not have the right impact upon them. They may agree with your sermon on adjustment, but they will not follow it in their practical life.
My experience is in the field of scholarship, I know that study is the basis of scholarship, but only book-reading is not enough to develop a high level of scholarship.
This requires exchange and dialogue. This is the concept of those activities which are called seminars and conferences. But your spouse is an ever-ready intellectual partner. He or she is available at all times, day and night.
Home-conferencing is far more beneficial than the formal conferencing which takes place in an auditorium. Discover this aspect of married life and any amount of adjustment will seem to be insignificant.