Samira’s life changed when she encountered the living God. No longer was God just an idea in her mind; God was a living reality. Now there was in Samaria’s heart, a flame for justice, consciousness of personal responsibility for the reign of God, a resilient commitment to common good and a desire to do everything for the glory of God. Work was no longer a drudgery in the pursuit of money.

Samira’s encounter with Christ truly transformed her. It brought her face to face with God, and also with the world, and ultimately herself. This encounter demanded of her a decision of the will. Something had to be done; Something had to be filled, loosened, healed and new beginnings made. Nothing stays the same after an encounter with the reality of the living God, revealed in Jesus Christ.

Samira was now in communion with God and connected to God’s creation. She saw the big picture; she was connected with everything, and everyone. She wept with those weeping, and laughed with those who laughed. She felt the pain of starving, the right of the unborn child, and the right of the born to grow. The zeal for justice consumes her. Work and worship are now on the same continuum.

We can be in communion with our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our communion is made visible by our enthusiasm for the God of love in whom all things have their creation and consummation.

Samira changed after she encountered Christ, and her friends and people around her could tell. The drastic difference could not be ignored because Samira was consumed with love not only for God, but for everything and everyone. She knew God is the source of all life. In her spiritual journey she was being led by the Word of God, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of believers. The life of a person who encounters the living God can never remain the same.

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