Nikhil openly shares his inadequacies as he says there are times when he cannot comprehend how God can bring anything good from a set of adverse circumstances, but yet God does!  And that is good enough for him, since he trusts in the faithfulness of God even when he does not understand God’s ways.

Nikhil also speaks of not pretending to know what is best for him in a situation as that would be incredibly immature. That would amount to placing himself on God’s throne and dictating how things should unfold.

Nikhil knows that God created us for the sole purpose of loving us.  In fact God even pours His love into our lives by the Holy Spirit. And because of Christ our life is united with God.

God created this awesome universe for our joy and sustenance. God’s Holy Spirit not only sustains the universe but also nurtures it. Incredibly creative things happen in the universe. It is a joy to discover and love God and God’s creation.

Nikhil is amazed that God voluntarily suffers. He always wanted to believe in a God who is beyond and above suffering but the joy of discovering that God suffers in Jesus Christ is incomprehensible. That God is pained when we hurt is an amazing mystery of God’s love. Nikhil is reminded of a saying, “A God who cannot suffer cannot love either.”

In Jesus Christ who is the complete embodiment of God, we see an unfathomable reality that God embraced suffering even when He was unjustly, unfairly subjected to it. God did so voluntarily, because He loves us.

God knows that the key thing for us is to live our life in perfect union with Him, is walking in faith, joyfully obeying His perfect ways for us and always eager to listen to the promptings of His Holy Spirit. God sees our work of faith, labour of love and patience of hope in Jesus Christ. God’s love continues to empower us.

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  1. We struggle with such issues of our inadequacies and our inabilities to act when we face tragedies and repercussions to our intended good acts. Only God (in Jesus Christ) can give us wisdom and patience for us to go through these issues.

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