Saraswati is the goddess of learning in Hinduism. Her vehicle (Vahana) is Hansa. The fabled bird Hansa is a swan-like graceful bird credited with the unique ability to sieve out and drink milk from water. Discarding the water it sucks up the milk. Thus, the Hansa represents a discriminative intelligence that is the hallmark of wisdom. Creative power, knowledge, gaining spiritual heights and ultimately self-realisation are only possible through discrimination. “Hansa” is a word born of the conjunction of (Aham Sah) which means (I am He).  The one who realises that the whole creation, the stars, the sun and the moon, the animal , human and sea world, the wind and the rain , sing this grand truth of “I am He” melts and dissolves the shackles of the ego and thus released from bondage, merges with the truth.

Saraswati is a mother goddess, greatly revered, as no success in any field is possible without knowledge, and knowledge flows from her.Her consort , Brahmaji cannot create unless she supplies the knowledge of creativity. Thus the pairing of Brahma (Creator) and Saraswati (Creativity).

Her name means the one who gives the essence (Saara) of our Own self (Swa). She holds the book of the holy scriptures in one hand and the lotus in the other. she holds the secret knowledge of a life of wisdom that like the lotus fragrantly blooms, lifted and untouched by the water below. With the other two hands she holds and plays the Veena. When a true teacher tunes up the mind of a student with knowledge divine, then it draws out from him a musical melody of life which is a life of perfect harmony with the world. Then the purified intellect of the student is a worthy recipient of the highest knowledge which in turn brings about his spiritual awakening.

Prarthna Saran. President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.


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