God, our heavenly Father, the source of all life and love, entrusted us with the gift of the beautiful creation, rich in resources, abounding in a stunning variety of plants and animal life. But, let’s not forget with the gift also comes the presence of the giver. The good Lord created a good world, and we are gardeners and stewards; God remains the owner!
The Father heart of God reveals His inclusive love! His sun faithfully shines on all, as the rain showers make no distinction. Yet, humanity controls and hoards and abuses the resources of the planet earth. Greed and power struggle deprive the poor of bread to survive. Our sinful behaviour wounds and destroys lives. Haven’t you heard stories of abusive fathers, emotionally distant fathers, demanding or controlling fathers and absent fathers, all of which damagingly impact our view of our heavenly Father? Jesus revealed the Father heart of God. He gave up His rightful power and authority and became man to attach wayward humanity to Himself. Jesus faced every situation you can think of yet remained without sin. But, instead, what has humanity done? We have deprived the poor and needy of the earth’s resources and do not share with the needy. Think of fathers living in poverty, who work long hours or struggle to find employment, to try and care for their families. God’s Father heart accepts all prodigal sons and daughters with unconditional love, who in repentance return to Him to their true home and experience the compassionate embrace of the Father. The One who has promised never to leave us or forsake us, for He does not change like shifting shadows. God our Father, please guide those who are fathers to care for our families with your wisdom. Your word and Spirit strengthen us in the daily challenges of parenting. Give us the fruit of your spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Help us to reach out in love to the fatherless.