If you can have Satsang , sitting right at home, there is no need to go on a pilgrimage. The company and face to face teaching of a realised master is a very rare benefit. Sages say that the direct company of a great soul is the result many punyas (,noble deeds) of many lives, and the effect of saintly contact is infallible.

Their words achieve a sure and certain transformation of a human personality. Swami Chinmayanandaji said, that you do not have to go guru hunting, but when you are ready to learn, the teacher himself will appear. This is divine grace.

The life enriching words of great masters are the flame that lights up any heart and mind . Therefore, Satsang ( the company of the knowers of truth) is highly recommended. If you cannot obtain the  direct company of such noble souls, then take recourse to indirect Satsang. This means reading their thoughts so that you are in their  Satsang. Reading the Geeta you are with Krishna, reading the Vivekchudamani you are with Shankara. According to the Ram Charit Manas you rise and fall in life according to the company you keep. Just as the lowly dust rides high among the clouds if it keeps company with the high flying wind, but the same dust becomes dirty slush when accompanying downward flowing water.!

We are truly lucky to get the elevating and rejuvenating company of saints  online ! Yet only those benefit that have an earnest desire to rise above the mundane ,the low and animalistic existence. Swami Shivananda says, “ The magnetic aura, the spiritual vibrations and powerful currents of developed adepts produce a tremendous influence on the mind.” Surely online is not the answer, but a great substitute. Satsang after all is Satsang and it never fails in its effect.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi

Email: prarthnasaran@ gmail.com

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