The hat becomes a rabbit and then the rabbit becomes a glass of water, then the glass of water transforms into a scarf which the magician swankily wraps around his neck! Wow! So also, the mind. It becomes the observer and then the observed, it can split itself into India and America, then soon, it dons the garb of past memories, but now it has already transformed to my favourite future worries, and oh God before I know, it has metamorphosed into my present concerns! In a trice it changes its identity from a Waker to a Dreamer to a Deep Sleeper! It becomes the longing Desirer as well as the glittering, charming, seductive Object of Desire. The mind can devalue the rarest of diamonds, or jack up the price of an ordinary pebble!
Powerful illusions are the creations of this magician. It can convincingly create a problem where it is not. Not only in your dreams as horrid nightmares, but even your wide awake mind begins to project future calamities to successfully hospitalise you with depression! Then the mind alone can, shamelessly, show you that it is no problem! It creates and dissolves at will. It can make you dance or sing with imagined joy, cry with imagined suffering or lose sleep by imagined tragedies.
A scientific investigation into the tricks of the mind shows you it’s greatest power, that of enslaving you with ‘unseen’ ropes of attachment to objects, situations and relationships. These thought bondages are merely mental knots, mind manufactured. Where does a knot go when untied?? It never was. Thread alone was real.
Emotions and passions, fear, jealousy or love, are children of a barren woman! Even these, change forms and texture completely, appear and then disappear, proving their illusory genesis. Exposed to the light of awareness the magician himself disappears!
Prarthna Saran President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.