Jesus uses the unexpected to open the eyes of people to who He is. This is  best illustrated by a miracle Jesus performed when he took five loaves of bread and two fish, given by a boy, which became enough to feed 5,000 with leftovers. In this incident we see the doubt of Jesus’ disciples, generous giving of the boy, the provision of God through a miracle.

The fame of Jesus was spreading like wildfire, and understandably so. No one had performed wondrous miracles like Jesus, and no one had spoken with authority like Jesus did. People everywhere wanted to be in the presence of Jesus, either to reap the physical benefits, like healing, the spiritual benefits, like encountering God, or the social benefits to be found in the company of famous miracle worker Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus’ disciples had wanted to send the people away because evening was approaching and they were in a remote place. But Jesus had a better idea: “You give them something to eat”.  Andrew located a boy carrying around a basket with five barley loaves and two fish. And with great doubt asked, “But how far will they go among so many?” Jesus called for the bread and fish to be brought to Him. He then gave thanks for the meal, broke the bread, and gave it to His disciples to give to the crowd. Amazingly, the entire multitude was fed with that small meal. Jesus provided “as much as they wanted” (John 6:11).

The resources we share with others are not for self-glorification but for common good. We are only stewards of the creation which is God’s gift to us. Remember the boy who acted in faith and gave whatever he had, and became a source of amazing blessings.

Jesus is the bread of life. He blesses us physically and also gives us the joy of eternal life for he is the source of all life. Have you tasted Jesus? Are you blessing others?