Manju celebrates her faith in the living Jesus every day as she claims to live her life in the victory Jesus has brought in her life. She joyfully celebrates all festivals with the community, and her fullness of joy knows bounds when she understood why Good Friday is called good. As she read from the Bible, the Holy Spirit enlightened her mind to see, the death of Jesus is good because God, to defeat sin and death, incarnated in the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth, took on humanity like ours, yet remained without sin, to defeat sin and death.
Manju is particularly grateful that Jesus took on humanity like ours to be in solidarity with us. Jesus faced all the human struggles, and the intensity of all those struggles is visible on the cross. Jesus was betrayed by his own, and as the early morning sunshine evaporates the morning mist, Jesus took upon himself our sins and death and finished them to have a permanent hold over us. In Jesus, humanity is purified, healed and elevated and saved from the domination of sin and its effects, like, fear, anxiety, conflict and death.
The death swallowed Jesus thinking it has victory, but death did not realise that Jesus is both hundred per cent human and divine. On the cross, Jesus voluntarily handed His Spirit to the Father. And as the Divine never dies, Jesus rose from the dead with glorified humanity. And the good news is that we will also be raised from the dead and will be like Jesus, perfect in holiness and righteousness; what an unshakable hope built on an event in history and God’s promise, who never lies.
Since Jesus shares our sufferings, weakness, and trials, and by His sacrifice on the cross have opened access into the holy presence of God. In Christ, by His grace, we are accepted as sons and daughters of God to engage in good works that bring equality, freedom, peace and love to all humanity.