“Why should I pray to God if God is just divine energy?” grumbled Vijay, “energy cannot listen?” His friend nodded. “And If I believe God is true and living then why doesn’t God solve all my problems?” His friend had no answer. The Bible tells us that God has revealed Himself as the one true living God, who created the human and non-human world. God created out of love and bestowed us with His love; everything was perfect. Tragically, perfection was short lived. Abandoning intimacy with God, people tried to be god of their own lives. We were given over to our own desires which never satisfied. God’s love for us, however, remained intact. He was going to rescue us from ourselves. God incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ to liberate the world from the clutches of ignorance, guilt, the consequence of karma and in turn bondage.

Jesus’ coming into the world reminds us that God gives priority to relationships, experience and understanding. Ever since God created humans, He wants us to experience His love and the joy of living in fellowship with Him and one another. It is as if God has prepared a banquet for us and beckons us to come and enjoy. Like Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son” (Matt 22:2).

Do you like banquets? Even the best one we can imagine, would not compare to a banquet prepared by God! While Jesus was on earth, and in a culture which excluded people from the table fellowship, Jesus was sometimes criticized for not being picky about whom He ate with; His inclusivity was frowned upon. God’s kingdom is a grand banquet with a feast of rich food available to anyone who accepts the invitation. God takes care or every detail. At this banquet God will destroy death, end all suffering and bring about salvation. At this banquet the hopes of God’s people will be fulfilled. All are invited.