Jesus has crowds follow him, but also two disciples of John the Baptist. When John saw Jesus coming toward him, he announced, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world” (Jn 1:29). When the two disciples of John realised who Jesus is, their excitement knew no bounds. They saw the fulfilment of their hopes and aspirations of thousands of years in the here and now. The God they trusted in through tough times has kept His word. He is now present in the flesh with them. Try an image, a chance to walk with the Creator and Redeemer of the world! Awesome indeed. The unfolding of God’s revelation in time and space is the stuff that gives birth to bible-based imagination.
To hear John the Baptist witness that Jesus is the lamb of God was the aha moment that filled them with joy and peace that passes all understanding. The disciples knew the living God is no longer shrouded in mystery as He removes the veil of transcendence, takes on humanity and sacrifices Himself on the cross as the sinless lamb of God; to redeem and reconcile humankind separated from the life of God.
Jesus asked a straightforward question to John’s disciples, who decided to follow Him, “What are you seeking.” (v.38). It’s interesting to note the answer to disciples is in the form of a counter-question, “Where are you staying”? The disciples have summarised all their desires. We want to be with you. To which Jesus answered, “come and you will see” (v.39).
To be with Jesus to know and love Him is the essence of a disciple’s life. We desire what we love, and we worship what we love. Jesus invites us as well, “come and see.” To follow Jesus, the lamb of God, is to love God and His creation. Indeed the meaning of the Cross is about the outflowing of the generous love of God. As we cling to Jesus, God’s love will flow through us.