Deepak in great excitement shared about his living and vital relationship with Jesus Christ to Sona, his friend.

In surprise Sona questioned, “But Jesus was born two thousand years ago, how can you have a living relationship with him now?”

Deepak replied, “this is true that on Christmas Day people all over the world, celebrate the descent of God in human body just like us, but without sin. However, there is a greater reason to rejoice in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is living in a glorified body for ever more. His avatar was permanent.”

Jesus promised before His ascension into heaven, “I will not leave you alone, I will send the Holy Spirit, who will live in you” (John 14:16).

“Jesus is the living avatar, who lives in us by His Spirit.” 

Sona was amazed at the answer.

Jesus came to show God loves and He seeks to gift us forgiveness when we repent and fill us with joy unspeakable.

Jesus replaces all the insecurities and fears we may experience with hope and love that knows no ending.

Truly the gift of Jesus’ birth is one that is eternal and more precious than rubies and diamonds and all of life’s treasures combined.

Jesus now lives in us and transforms us into His likeness.

Jesus is the living avatar with whom we can have a personal relationship.

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