The city of Corinth was a major business centre in Greece during the time of Paul’s writing. The people boasted in their wayward lifestyle and were known for unrestrained immorality ending in broken families. They were unmindful of the needs of the poor and suffering. As power and greed hardened their heart and darkened their mind; they became gods to themselves. They forgot that there is a loving, righteous and holy Judge.
Paul receives a troubling word that the ways of the world have coloured the lifestyle of God’s people. Paul reminds the church of the transforming power of Christ’s love for the individual and the church as a whole. This love needs to be lived out in society. He writes in1Cor. 13:4 “Love is patient.” The patient love is steadfast. The kind of steadfastness revealed in the love of a wife or husband for their spouse. In the presence of God, the couple vows to remain faithful and committed to each other. Jesus is called the bridegroom of the church. Jesus remains committed to loving us while we run away from his life-giving ways. God loves us freely; for God is love. This love has to be shared. In the context of coronavirus; the poor girl children are the worst sufferers. They are unable to enjoy the benefits of online education and are forced into child labour by their family in order to survive. What is our response? Let’s remember, God created us in His image and likeness; therefore, we are brothers and sisters irrespective of who or where we are. Taking care of each other is a family matter.
We tend to forget God’s love is holy and His justice is loving and pure. To love God leads to practising righteousness and this is visible in the way we treat the poor and powerless. Our behaviour reveals who we worship. We are accountable to God as one day we must stand before the judgement seat of God. Let the patient and just love of Jesus transform our lives!