What does it mean to live as a Christian, to think and act as a Christian, in the context of struggles people face? Jennie pondered over this as she reflected on the Christmas story. Her heart poured out praise and worship as she marvelled over the awesome fact of God’s coming into the world He created out of love and for love and offered it to us as a gift. Her joy in life had multiplied when she encountered Christ Jesus. The lyrics, “My chains are gone I’ve been set free”, capture her experience well. She has had the love of God poured into her heart and the witness of the Spirit tells her that she is a child of God. Jennie is empowered to face life with love, faith and hope; Jesus’ birth has made all the difference to her life.
Christ came into a world ridden with conflict, with people divided along ethnic and religious lines, and the struggle for power and control turning violent. As Jennie began to think, she realised that encountering Christ is to experience abundant life here and now. She does not shy away from conflict but engages through prayer, and personal and community involvement. Celebrating the coming of Christ is not an escape from the problems of life for her, but rather bring about bringing healing and wholeness in life of people.
Amid the suffering and the pain of broken families and abused children, the hunger and loneliness of millions, the human longing for love and affection, remember Jesus was born in a manger to seek and save humanity. Jesus, the prince of peace, began His earthly sojourn as a vulnerable child in the lap of mother Mary. Jesus’ love is inclusive, full of grace and truth. Let the Christmas season once again encourage us to renew our commitment to love others just as Jesus did, amid the struggles of people!