We celebrate Christmas in remembrance that the steps of the invisible God became visible on earth when God came to us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. And indeed we celebrate Jesus not only as an example of our living instead since Jesus is the perfect image of God we need to cling to Jesus with the purity of devotion, full commitment, and intense love. This results in our transformation into the likeness of Jesus’ perfect image.

Jesus’ steps on earth are joyful news that God does not exist as a far and distant reality untouched by the challenges we face in life. God who loves created a good world; however, when we went astray from the way of life; God comes to connect with us and show His love and care. Jesus cared for the sick, the needy, the hungry and guilty, the rich and the poor alike. Jesus used power with compassion and worked for the common good; as he challenged exclusionary behaviour dividing humanity, discriminating and oppressing the poor and helpless.w

The majority of people who came to Jesus struggled with issues of life and death. Some mothers came requesting healing for their sick children, Mary and Martha asked healing for their sick brother Lazarus, and when Lazarus died, Jesus raised him from the dead.

Jesus forgave the sins of those who repented and even for those who did not repent of their wrong doing. The world needed a Saviour and Jesus came to seek and save.

We need to cling to Jesus and follow him with all our strength; for only then do our lives find fulfilment. We live from Jesus to whom we cling.

Jesus, by stepping on the earth, breaks all barriers that hinder our way to transformation, for Jesus is the perfect image of God.

Happy Christmas!