Jesus transforms lives to love God and all of God’s creation. Here is Tejal’s story. She was raised in a religious family, rejected God as a teenager, and could not find answers.
Tejal narrates the questions constantly swirling in her mind:
“Does God exist? If God exists and is strong, all-powerful and all-knowing, why is there evil in the world? What is the purpose of life? If God is real, what does He want me to do? Does the way I live my life not account for anything?
How was the world created, and if most religions have their own creation story, which one is true?” “I didn’t get the answers then in the next years; what I did get was a truckload of personal challenges and trials that broke me emotionally and caused me to cry out to God in pain. I cried out for His love, protection, and existence. I hoped He existed and cried out for that, one night, on my swing as my family slept.”
“Years later, I wept, vulnerable again, to my best friend. She told me, ‘Tejal, Jesus loves you, and He died for you. ‘For ME individually? Like ME, Tejal?’ ‘Yes, you, Tejal. He died for us all, including you and He loves you.’ “Those words made no sense to my brain, but my heart was comforted. I was supernaturally comforted by God’s presence. That day the seed of faith was planted in my heart.” “Earlier, I had read John’s gospel and now wanted to read more and seek the truth that my heart believed was in that book.
His Word renewed my heart and changed my life. I find myself a new woman seeking God’s ways in all I do. Jesus brings eternal Joy regardless of circumstances in this world. He is the way, the truth and life (John 14:6).”
God loves us all; let’s love and serve one another.