Amid the uncertainty of the third wave of coronavirus and the fear it generates, Jane experienced a new rush of energy in the forward movement of her life journey as the Holy Spirit reminded her of God’s promise, that He upholds us in all circumstances. She knows that all necessary precautions must be followed and there is no place for foolhardiness.
When we pass through trying times, we must learn to wait in the presence of God without indulging in self-pity or self-criticism. Some people feel so distant from God. They desire a relationship but feel unqualified. They cannot understand that God Himself comes down in the person of Jesus Christ and takes us by hand and brings us into fellowship with God the Father and one another. Jesus is the cement that joins.
Jesus is the rock on which our life is grounded. Knowing Him strengthens and fills us with joy. As we experience the greatness, the goodness and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, we desire a relationship with Him. Life is not all about activity; it’s about enjoying fellowship with God. The fullness of joy that floods our hearts as we sing songs of worship of the living God is unparalleled. In Jesus we overcome all our fears.
He has defeated death, our worst enemy and gifted us eternal life. God’s nature is holy with whom we have fellowship. Walking in the dark ways of life gives us temporary happiness but robs us of our inner strength and joy. When we go astray, we hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit nudging us to repent and seek God’s forgiveness and begin to live in the light of God’s truth and grace.
Living in the light of God means obeying what Jesus said, to have faith in Him and live out our faith with love (Gal.5:6). We experience Jesus upholding us and journeying with us on the road of life.