A ‘thought ‘ can stand only with relation to the ‘ thought of’. But the ‘ I’ thought , by itself, without relation to any other ‘ object’ or ‘being ‘ has no locus- standi. It is the only thing that exists. Therefore it is just you ,me and everything else as a homogeneous totality. The moment we use terms like ‘you and me’ that very moment separates me and you.! The words recognise a duality, if not ,then the very words are absurd and meaningless.
The moment attention is drawn away from this beautiful mass of unbroken, unconditioned, holistically natural state of ‘no otherness’, that very moment isolates me from you or him. The very words ,’they’ or ‘you’, exhibit in themselves an impudence of inherent alertness of oneself as the ‘ other’. It is a wide awake inquiry of belonging , of a relationship between I and You. When thought arises ,the I automatically arises, and we are talking of the dissolution of the I. Even when you say “ I totally surrender “, the question is to whom? Surrender being a transitive verb has to take on an object. Therefore earthly love cannot bear pointed scrutiny.
Krishna and his flute are never parted. The Lord breathes melody only into a hollow Reed (minus the ‘I ‘ sense). It departs not from him, making even Radha jealous! So long as the dreamer lives the reality of the dream ,no dream teacher can make him understand that on waking up from the dream, the dreamer will become the waker. There never was a Dreamer. It was the Waker himself who forgot that he was the Waker! A man of realisation instinctively becomes a lover of the Whole universe, for no man breathes who hates himself!
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi
Email: prarthnasaran@ gmail.com