Education in Kaliyug only means enabling a child for livelihood, not for Life, and parents teach their offspring the skills of acquiring valuables, not values. Drawing room conversations, as image boosters, are only on spirituality, but are far from actuality. Greed is the prime motivating factor which propels them to kill even revered teachers for paltry sums. On the other hand, we have criminals and womanisers posing as spiritual teachers. Thoughtless, animalistic behaviour, unbecoming and insulting to one’s own family, education and culture is common. The Brahmins of Kaliyug are “illiterate, greedy, foolish and lusty”. They are intimate with lowly and adulterous women. They are indiscriminate about what they eat and where they eat, so they partake of meals at impure and unhygienic places, resulting in impure thoughts at a subtle level. They are pretenders to Upanishadic knowledge and use it only to earn a livelihood.
Children are born of unwed mothers or are the progeny of parents that are culturally and psychologically incompatible. Such children then grow up as insecure or confused individuals and create problems for themselves as well as for society termed as “varnasankar” (born of unmatched and incompatible parents).
Sanyasis lack detachment and decorate their homes luxuriously with expensive things, while householders lack the means for such living. Brahmins and ascetics have no signs of spiritual purity. The only recognisable sign of a Brahmin is a “janeyu” (sacred thread) and the signature of a tapasvi is a naked body. Men with cultured dignified wives from good families value them not. They turn them out of their houses and permanently bring in women of ill repute as mistresses who pander to their lust. Sons are amicable to their parents only till they are married. Thereafter he is at the command of his in-laws. You are considered “noble” only if you have wealth.