Most people live their lives, without questioning their pursuits. Why am I doing what I spend most of my time doing? Most people will answer that they are providers or sustainers of growing families! But think, is that all your precious life is about? Even those that don’t have a family, just live for themselves and their short live for pleasures. There must be a higher purpose to human life than mere animal existence!
One cannot go on playing with worldly toys. One grows out of dolls and balls, but that is soon replaced by cars, houses ,jewellery and even frivolous toys like handbags,!! The soul of a mature seeker has long ago stopped hankering for these, it hungers for a sorrow less permanence now.
Even the deepest Love or Hate is conditional, and alas, conditions change! All beauty is ephemeral, and supposing it is not, the feeder sickens soon. The tragedy of fulfilment , greater than the tragedy of longing unfulfilled! Why does one look for the pebbles on the seashore of eternity? As a musk deer, bewildered , I roam in the forests of despair through life.
My soul now spreads arms of yearning , only to run into the embrace of the Evermore, the Timeless, the Immaculate, the Imperishable. As I sit on a quiet spring evening I dally not with worldly concerns, but my mind gets caught in the golden rays flirting with a green fern, which half hides a blushing blossom in its embrace.
The bewitchery of the charmed moment of NOW! The mysterious calm of the woods softly tiptoes into my being like a mist sailing on a placid lake. The meditative poise of a Mansarovar (lake of the Mind) which is the abode of lord Shiva, the Eternal Yogi.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.