Q. Swamiji if the body is unreal why are the 5 sheaths of the body (Pancha Kosas) described in so much detail?

Ans: “The ‘Panch Kosas’ are described in detail because one has to create a bigger illusion to treat a smaller illusion”.

Then swamiji went on the describe in detail how a German doctor created a big drama to cure a Sethji who was worried that there was a bug in his ear.

So the doctor, after performing a mock operation on Sethji, showed him a dead bug in a tray to convince him that the bug was now out.

But from the standpoint of “reality” the bug was never there; so how can it be pulled out?

“The Vedas ‘Nindati’ (ridicule and scoff) at the very idea of plurality. 

In fact they say: “kinchitmatra Naasti” (completely non-existent.)

Q. The Vedas also say that we must sacrifice to the ‘devas’ and propitiate them; so that we gain material benefits. So…?

Ans: “Yes, that is the ‘karmakand’ portion, for the babies of Vedanta. When the mind is quietened and fit for contemplation, then for the evolved student it is Ved+Anta.

The Ved+Anta (end of the Vedas) the Upanishad portion which propounds the highest truth.

But as a grihastha (householder) you are in delusion, so the teacher is slowly trying to help you.”

Gurudev Chinmayanandaji never was tired. Day after day he cleansed our minds, never thought of us as hopeless cases.

Every sentence uttered by this great Master is a gem of intrinsic value to generations of seekers in times to come.

Prarthna Saran, President, Chinmaya Mission, Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com