Morality leaves a great impression on human memory. The coronavirus pandemic fearfully and painfully reminds us the fragility of our bodies, and how stealthily the virus penetrates by even a gentle touch of a virus infected person. The virus attacks without fear or favour, and comes like a thief unannounced. Anarchy is let loose on the world.

We are learning how soon viruses can spread globally and rock our world. Do we worry or even worse are we angry and unhappy? Isn’t our life fragile! We fret when we lose a sense of control. All our pomp and show and the pride of possessions and resources are reduced to nothing. The virus reminds us of our common mortal humanity and a call to work for common good.

We easily forget our common humanity when things are going smoothly and erect barriers that divide us on the basis of our caste, race and social and economic status. Human pride is dethroned in the face of viruses as our exclusivity is punctured and our shallowness exposed. It’s time to repent.

The developed countries that pride in the security and safety of their citizens have been most vulnerable, as they struggle to contain the effects of the virus. The virus will deplete reserve resources and in the case of poor nations, the centre struggles to hold. It’s time to reach out to others with care and compassion.

If fear is troubling your heart, I pray you will hear the Lord Jesus say, “I am with you.” If you are struggling to overcome your worries, I pray you will hear Christ say, “I will strengthen you and help you.” If you are feeling uncertain about the future, I pray you will hear Jesus say, “I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Take the necessary precautions and help others. Even if our mortal eyes close, we rejoice in the hope of immortality because Jesus rose from the dead. Let’s live by faith and not fear.

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