Ego is an innate faculty of every human being and has a very important role to play in the personality of every man and woman. Ego is the source of self-consciousness. Ego is the source of conviction, confidence and determination. In this sense, ego is a great strength of every human being and a healthy phenomenon. In the absence of the ego, one cannot do anything, and as far as great achievement is concerned it is wholly impossible without the ego. This is the positive aspect of ego. At the same time there is a negative aspect. It is this aspect of ego that creates problem. Every human being is a social animal. Man has to live among people – in family or outside the family. In other words, social living is every person’s intrinsic requirement. It is this social contact that leads problems. When one is alone one’s ego is in the dormant position. But when one is in society, one is bound to come into contact with other people. Due to this, every moment there is chance to experience that kind of situation which is called ‘ego problem’. Society creates problems for individuals, but at the same time it is a fact that no one can do anything without living in the society. In social life everyone shares with the other person. It is this sharing culture that helps individuals to develop their personality and to bring their plans to completion. Without this sharing culture, nothing is possible for any man or woman. In terms of the sharing culture, social life is an asset for everyone. But, social living is accompanied by negative experiences of ego clash.
In such a situation one has to learn the art of ego management, which is the price of social living. If you want to enjoy the benefits of social living you will have to learn the art of ego management. Managing one’s ego is the price one has to pay to receive social benefits.
This first appeared on 21 August , 2016. A new column will appear sometime in the future.