Melanie is always left awe struck when she considers how God incarnated in the person of Jesus, and entered human history. God’s love was now incarnate for the world to touch and see.

Our life in the flesh is something Melanie never thought highly of, but her knowledge of the incarnation has changed her view. God in Christ has taken on materiality, physicality, humanity, and it is reason to rejoice! It is good to be human, it is good to be on this earth, it is good to be flesh and it is good to have emotions. We don’t need to be ashamed of any of this. When God incarnated in Jesus God said yes to material world and God said yes to physicality and affirmed its goodness.

Knowing the truth, however, is not the full picture. Melanie has made room for the truth of incarnation to transform her life and behaviour. She can now see God at work in situations where she would have previously just seen the material world. Melanie is aware that she carries the responsibility of representing Christ through her work, being and personhood, and along with it has come joy and possibilities. What a privilege it is to be asked by God to manifest, or “incarnate,” God’s very presence on this earth! Revealing Christ through our living alone has the power to change history, society, and all relationships.

The full and participatory meaning of Christmas is for all who believe and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This free gift is available to all who ask God; the Bible teaches, ask and it shall be given.

Melanie has much to be thankful for, much to contemplate on and much to enjoy and experience as she shares the good news with all. God solved the problem of evil when He incarnated. In Jesus we are victorious since we have said yes to Him. Our lives have new responsibilities and new possibilities because of the incarnation of Jesus. Have a blessed new year.

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